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Our local shoe store sells work boots and shoes in Williamstown, NJ

You're not looking for flimsy shoes that look nice but can't hold up to a day at work - you're looking for durable, comfortable shoes that will protect your feet. They should look great, too.

Tony's Shoes has what you're looking for. For more than 41 years, our local shoe store has been offering work boots, work shoes and other footwear in Williamstown, NJ.

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Our store's owner has been leading us for 13 years, as the third-generation leader of our family-owned shoe store. Over many years, we've developed a specialty in work boots and a selection of some of the best shoes for sale. Plus, we're the only non-corporate dealer for Red Wing Shoes in the area. Visit us right away to choose from our many women's and men's shoes for sale.

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We've selected some of the best shoes for sale to help our customers look and feel good. At our local shoe store, you'll find:

You can also pick comfortable Skechers sneakers or Minnetonka slippers. To find out more about our range of men's and women's shoes for sale, call 856-740-1121. We'll be happy to tell you about what we have in stock for you, as well as our union, military and first responder discounts.